Des petites filles népalaises dans un village ravagé par le séisme.
Relief for disaster victims

Rebuilding local communities in a sustainable way

“Rebuild life” after a natural disaster or major conflict is the objective that guides our actions. If the Fondation de France specializes in post-emergency situations—when emergency specialists leave the area—it is because we know that reconstruction can only be successful if it is sustainable and carried out in coordination with NGOs and local organizations. Our approach is the following:

  • evaluate the most important needs in a precise way, directly in the field
  • determine the priority lines of action
  • quickly support the most appropriate initiatives

According to the seriousness of each situation, we can also enact immediately, through very specific actions. This means responding to extreme situations—such as Haiti in 2010 or, more recently, Mali and Nepal—when the relevant actors are unable to adequately meet needs. First, we release an emergency fund, then we carry out an on-site audit in order to provide the response that best meets the needs of local communities.

Our principles of involvement

Whether an emergency or post-emergency situation, our key principles of involvement remain the same:

  • support projects aimed at the hardest-hit communities
  • assist initiatives that reach the most isolated areas
  • train communities in future risk prevention
  • encourage projects that include sustainable development criteria
  • co-build lasting projects with local organizations and the communities that benefit from them
  • bring on-site organizations together in a network
  • be rigorous in procedures and verifications, while reserving the ability to be flexible in order to meet priority needs
  • guarantee the transparency and traceability of donations by publishing an informative report for donors and beneficiaries.

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